Pinwheel Quilt - Block Assembly
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Pinwheel Quilt - Assembling the Blocks

Assembling the blocks:

This block pattern is called The Windmill, and lends itself to kaleidescoping quite well.

You will have 8 matching triangles from your main pattern fabric; 4 same size background color triangles and 4 rectangles.
Arrange the main fabric triangles in a spiral shape as shown. Alternate the background fabric rectangles and triangles next to the center triangles as shown.
For each corner of the block, you will piece together to make a square (4 total). I'm showing the upper right corner square being pieced here.
After stitching, open the pieces back up and press the seam towards the main fabric. The rectangle is longer than the triangle - you'll trim later.
Match up the diagonals of the square by flipping the upper left piece over the lower right piece, and stitch (again - 1/4")
Trim off excess material
Unfold and press seams open
Repeat 4 times for each corner square.
Join two adjacent quarters.
...then the just-made halves
...then the just-made halves
And there you have a finished block!

Until I get my own pages, here are some suggestions from other places on the web for some layouts. See a possible Queen Layout - I wouldn't use the sashings as this picture shows, but you could. This shows how you would piece it together.
Throw layout - which is what I did. I did different borders.
Wall Hanging Layout (minus any borders)



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