All Night Class III - Feb 1999
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All Night Class III - Feb 1999

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Enjoy the class - I sure did!

Okay - back to my stuff! I finally have mine pinned almost all the way across. Someone told me, before I got it all the way, that I could have been doing the pinning in between the cutting of 6 1/4" squares. Might be less tedious that way - you just need it aligned before cutting. Here I'm about to trim the selvage and get a smooth edge. There - it's cut! I don't actually cut at this angle, by the way - I only take pictures of my hand at this angle!
Another block is laid out on the background she's chosen! Here I am cutting a 6 1/4" strip - all nicely aligned. I did this 3 times. Here I am trimming the edge off the first 6 1/4" strip - I'm about to make a square.
Here's the first square... (remember I'm still dealing with 8 stacks of identical fabric!) Sliced in half - two stacks of triangles! Now to fan them out and see what it's gonna look like!!!
Too Cool! I love the fabric! It looks like the fish are chasing each other! Here are the exact same triangles, turned in the other direction - now it looks like a tea party with a bunch of alligators! Here's another set - which at first glance looks kinda ishy - all there were in this block were feet and legs - and yet, when put together like this, it's really cool looking!
Here's Ellen's first complete block! This woman was FAST! Once she had everything cut, she zoomed through it all - she's the only one who get all her blocks done that night! Here's an almost completed block. The piecing wasn't quite done the way it was supposed to be, which makes it not always come together quite right - still really pretty though! Just another set of triangles from my fabric :)
And another layout... I can't get over how cool they all look! Here's the instructor trying to help out when someone cut rectangles 6" x 6 1/4" by mistake :/
Oh boy - it's after midnight! Here's one of my stars on my background material. And the yellow will be my accent color around the edges (first border)

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