All Night Class IV
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All Night Class IV - Feb 1999

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The exciting conclusion!

Here's someone starting to piece it together, and pressing in between. Beautiful colors! I'm still stacking and whacking ... or at least whacking - I'm done with the pattern slicing. I'm slicing strips of 6 1/4" from my background fabric. I'm cutting three of these. Now I'm cutting 2 3/4" strips from the background fabric. I'm doing eight of these.
Another finished block! I haven't even put my machine on the table yet! And another... ...and another...
...and another - beautiful! I'm still slicing - here I'm making 6 14" squares from the 6 1/4" strips. I need 16 squares, which will become 32 triangles when cut in half. Ellen's 3 completed blocks hanging pinned to the instructor's finished quilt.
Look - triangles from my 6 1/4" squares!! Look - even experts make mistakes! Whoops - sewed along the wrong edge - that doesn't exactly look like a kaleidescope! Where's the seam ripper? Good excuse though - look at the time when that happened!
Now I'm making 8 1/2" rectangles from teh 2 3/4" strips of background material I need a total of thirty-two of these. FINALLY! I have everything cut! I can start really putting it all together now! Another beautiful finished block!
Here's my first block all laid out! All ready to sew and WOW was my machine uncooperative *lol* This was about 20 minutes into it all, and if you click on the big version, you can see one of the MANY snarls I got just trying to stitch a straight-stitch on my machine. Thanks to the kind women around me, I finally got it working right by *drum roll please* re-threading the machine *sighs* Not much more contrast than the previous pic, and this one! Ellen finished ALL her blocks, and has them up on the blocking wall! She left after this - it was 3ish by now.
Finally getting somewhere! I have the four squares pieced... Now they're two rectangles... Here it is! My first block! It *was* lined up in the center when I pinned it - there was so much seam allowanc bunched there that the sewing machine foot looked like it was taking a hike to get over the lump, and it became unaligned. I'll try something a little different next time. I still love it!
Finally a picture of ME with my block! I hardly ever remember to hand the camera to anyone else. This was THE last picture on the camera - 85 pics took it ALL up! Okay - it's 5:30 - time to go home!

I had a BLAST at this class - I highly recommend anything like it! Of course, when Richard saw the block in the morning, he had to ask "it took you until 5:30 just to do THAT?" But after much explanation, he understood, and he liked it a lot! I can't wait to do the other blocks and get the quilt done!

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