David's Galaxy Quilt

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Attic Windows

I decided on the fabrics, and put these colors next to each other to see if Attic Windows would look good with it. This is actually a purple and yellow - I think it looks much too blue in the photos :/ I cut it square - 7" square but any size could work, and rectangular would too. I had cut strips of fabric 3" wide of the yellow and purple. I laid them next to the square to see how long I'd need to make the borders. 10" was about right.
Here are the 10" strips. I lined up the purple strip along the bottom of the main fabric - right sides together. ...an sewed them together
I started 1/4" from the start of the main square - where the purple and yellow will meet. This is important! Just to emphasize - don't sew that 1/4" in what will be the set-in corner. Here they are, unfolded.
Line up the yellow strip, so that the 1/4" non-sewed area is in the adjoining corner... ...and fold over, right sides together. Sew from 1/4" from the edge/corner.
Here it is unfolded - or mostly so. Fold it over so that the two border strips line up. This folds the square along a 45 degree angle. Here they are, totally line up.
Line a ruler up along the diagonal... ...and mark the extension of the edge of the folded square onto one of the edge strips. No seam allowances here. Look, I'm pretending to write with my left hand so I can take a pic with my right! You can see the pencil line here - and that I had it pinned together before drawing too. I do a lot of finger pinning, but for this, it's worth pinning it to keep it lined up on that 45 degree angle.
Sew right along the drawn line, starting from where the earlier stitches are. All stitched up! Snip off the excess fabric.
Open it up, and press it from behind. Here it is from the front (this one isn't actually pressed yet.)

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