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Kindergarten Quilt

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First Day - March 18, 1999

I had decided to share my new hobby/passion, quilting, with my grandson David's Kindergarten class. He had a small class, just 6 students, with a wonderful teacher, Julie. Julie welcomed me, and my sewing machine, into the classroom for about 3 months of work with the kids.

I started by telling them a little about the history of quilting, and showing them the only quilt I had made so far. Here they are looking at a packet of 3" squares I received from far-away lands for my Y2K quilt - I swapped with 80 different people a set of 25 squares, with a signature square, to get 2000 (mostly) unique squares for my quilt. The kids are all decorating a 6" square of bleached muslin, ironed onto wax paper for stability, with fabric crayons. Even Julie is making a square.
Me too, but I'm behind the camera here of course :) I wanted to take a pic of all of the quilt creators to put on iron-on fabric transfers for the quilt. Here's Stacy. Miles
Clara... this is a better picture - the joys of a digital camera! My own David...
Mr. Goofball, of course. By the end of this project he really got good at having me in the classroom without it totally hyping him up. This is the one we eventually used. Asmara took a nice one in one shot.
Scott, David's best friend, was equally hammy... ...this pose didn't really do it either - I got him later though. and Julie!
Here's David's drawn square. It hasn't been ironed yet, so the colors haven't gotten vibrant. I wanted a picture of the whole class for the quilt as well. Stacy's making the peace sign... I don't know how professional school photographers do this with 20+ kids! Miles and Scott are looking off to the right, and Clara has her eyes closed.
Miles is still looking somewhere else, and I must have had the kids say something to purse their lips, since several of them are doing that. David is singing or something goofy, Clara has her eyes closed again! Good enough!
Finally managed to get a good pic of Scott for the quilt, with a real smile! The boys demanded a picture of their pile up...who am I to argue? Stacy and her quilt square.
Scott is behind his square there, really. We still needed a decent picture of me for the quilt. This wasn't it, btw...

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