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Putting the blocks together.

Here are all the diagonal strips, minus the corners, pieced and put on the wall to view. Piece two of the strips together - in this case, the upper right strips. Then the lower left strips. There's David, my five year old, coloring in the corner.
Then the two sections together. If I weren't taking pics, I'm not sure I'd have gone through all the pinning into the wall and taking down that I did, but it sure was cool to see it come together! I can only take so many pictures without David having to ham it up. Here he is in the big hat Grandpa gave him, and a toy gun. Another hammy pic - this one you can see his face ... and the cool King Tut shirt (which he read, on his own) that my dad and step-mom brought back from their trip to Egypt.
Finally - piece the corners on. Again - if there's excess, that's no problem to trim! Now is the time to square up the corners. A square rule is pretty useful for this, although probably not 100% necessary. Mine is 12", which will extend past the triangle edge, and onto the next piece, which is good. Wow - it sure looks great all squared off!
Here's another corner that needs squaring (they all do, I would think.) Line up the ruler with the corner, both edges. Another squared off corner - that just feels so much better!
Back on the wall, with squared off corners! Now for the side borders! The piece I had was longer than the edge of the quilt, so I just cut a 2.5" strip (included seam allowance, it ends up being 2" in the end) and attached it to the side edges. At this point a friend of mine mentioned that she never pins when she quilts, she just finger pins (i.e. holds it together as she goes) and just goes for it. I had one mishap where I sewed on the border without the top being underneath (doh!) but after that I went a little slower, and paid a little more attention, and it went pretty well. For straight seams like this, with no matching points, it's not a bad way to go if you're brave (and have become intimate with your seam ripper, just in case!) The color contrast looked so cool when I first finished stitching, I was just tickled!
Back on the wall, with the side borders on. I got tired of pinning it up all the time. Here it is on the floor with the top borders on too! Okay - so I couldn't resist putting it on the wall for a pic :)
I was a little overwhelmed with going on to the next step, and I wanted to see what would happen if I tried doing 60 degree triangles. I'll probably make a pillow out of this. Same method, I attached the blue borders on the edges. ...and on the top.

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