All Night Class II - Feb 1999
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All Night Class II - Feb 1999

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Part II

The woman behind me had this gorgeous material! Here is one of her piles of 6 1/4" squares about to be sliced down the diagonal. Sliced, and being arranged... Really gorgeous!
Here's someone else's, sitting on the fabric they're going to use as a background. Back to my stuff ... I'm picking a point on the tip of the tail on this fish (visible if you click on the small picture!) and pinning through on each of the eight strips in the same point. Same thing in another spot on the material - this time on the poor fishy's nose!
This is a view of how it looks as you flip each layer up and stab through your point - it really doesn't take THAT long. Some people found it tedious, I was having too much fun to notice :) This fabric just kept making beautiful stars - I had to keep taking pics! Here's my fabric with a pin all the way through it.
Another view of the same idea - this time through an alligator's toenail. Munching on the dip I brought was a major part of the fun *grins* Another pretty star from someone else.
Another beautiful fabric being lined up... They just are all so cool! Pizza time! Quilters do not live by fabric alone!
This is a really pretty one - she was trying to decide on background fabric - and the consensus was the blue was better than the mustard color. Yep, definitely the blue! The woman with the 27" repeat had a big ol' pile of cut fabric by now! The poor suckers sitting close by me were probably blinded by the flash - I kept seeing things I wanted to document with pictures! They were all VERY kind about it all.
Here's someone who has lined up the triangles and rectangles, flipped everything over so now she's ready to pin, and then sew! Barbara got another block done! So pretty! Look at this one come together!

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