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A Quilting Tutorial

Materials needed Here is a complete list of the materials needed. (under construction)
Basic block piecing layouts. The basic piecing instructions are illustrated, not photographed here. You can also find the layouts for Queen, Throw (which is what is portrayed in all the photographs), and Wall.
Start of class I took a quilting class in Feb 1999 which was somewhat based on the Stack and Whack™ method. If you want to see the all night class, start here. This page has the pattern matching (stacking) instructions.
Class, continued This page has many examples of blocks from other students.
Class, continued Here is more detail of the cutting, I'm finally cutting my fabric here! Also, a couple more examples from other students.
Class, concluded Several more examples of blocks, as well as my finished first block - ever!
Quilt tutorial 1 The start of a tutorial on completing my first quilt. This section has more detailed instructions and pictures for piecing the blocks.
Quilt tutorial 2 The rest of the block piecing instructions and pictures.
Quilt tutorial 3 All the blocks are pieced, this section shows piecing them together to make the top.
Quilt tutorial 4 A continuation of piecing the quilt top, including the borders.
Quilt tutorial 5 The quilting process is detailed here, from creating the quilt 'sandwich' to the machine quilting.
Quilt tutorial 6 The binding process and finished quilt!

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